A Gamers Story

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Our story starts with our passion for gaming. As true gamers and collectors we always are collecting the merchandise of games we love and play. We hunt for that particular special edition statue and the special case that comes with the game. We wait in lines to place the pre-order or pick up the game on a special release day.

We share our victories online with the whole world, together with our friends, and all of this makes gaming something more than just playing games.

Playing a game for hours creates a bond with your character. Sometimes you customize your character for hours to make it your digital self. Remember the time you spend hours on customizing your sims character? Yeah, we remember it too.

But when you close your game your character stays there until you open it again. 

We miss our digital selves and we wanted to bring it to our world. And this is why we started this brand. With PrintMyPixel you can bring your character to life by making your own merchandise of your favorite pixel. So grab that coffee everyday with your character on it! 

Also we wanted to cut on your gaming costs by providing you with affordable essentials for your gaming gear. So you spend less money on accessories and can buy more games!

We give back to the community by sponsoring the creators. Check out this page for more info.

Happy shopping!